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Raw Indian Curly Bundle

Who doesn't love vacation hair? Poolside or courtside, our curly hair is sure to make your get away trip stress free and photo ready. 


100% Raw Unprocessed Indian Hair sourced from South India. Proven to be a top performer in the hair industry, our single donor & single drawn wefts will be sure to outlast and outshine the competition.


*Due to being unprocessed, color and texture may slightly vary.

Raw Indian Curly Bundle

  • 100 Grams Raw Indian Hair.


    • Take care of me by using quality hair products in and out of the shampoo bowl.
    • Wash and Condition regularly to maintain luster and vibrancy. 
    • Avoid overprocessing with lightening/color depositing products (ex. bleach, dyes)
    • Limit frequent use of excessive heat and use a quality heat protectant.

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