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Ambrosia Speed Dry Mannequin Head

Uh-oh! Do have an event or appointment in a few hours and your unit is in need of a good wash?


Dry your units in a fraction of the time using our ventilated mannequin head complete with blow dryer opening. The innovative design traps and circulates heat where you need it most speeding up total dry time 3 times faster than the standard overnight hang time.


Here at Ambrosia we value efficiency and we know your time is valuable, so let's save you some!

Ambrosia Speed Dry Mannequin Head

Size: Black
Out of Stock
  • Mount your Ambrosia Speed Dry Mannequin to a sturdy surface or wig stand.

    Once mounted, simply place your dryer nozzle into the opening (fits under 60mm) and use the strings provided to taughtly secure the dryer into the receiving port and the wig to the mannequin.

    The design is mean to be used with cool to warm heat for intervals of 10-20 minutes. Please use discretion and caution when using any form of hot or electrical tool.

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